Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class

2 December 2011 Friday Room Meeting, 7:15 at the Peacock

The meeting is a round table discussion of the book by Owen Jones. This meeting would benefit from a bit of preparation on your part. Read the review of the book here:

or here

Owen has been named one of the Daily Telegraph‘s ‘Top 100 Most Influential People on the Left’ for 2011 and won left-foot forwards most influential left-wing thinker of the year award for this book. Nominators wrote:

“Owen has managed re-launch the debate around class and inequality by finding new and accessible ways to make arguments that Labour thinkers have been making for years. He has also challenged the establishment by holding up a mirror to the way different people from different parts of the country are treated by the media and political elite in this country. As well as all this, Owen has often managed to argue a traditional hard-left point of view without coming across as completely mad. The media love to drop your archetypal “mad lefty” – or indeed “mad right-winger” – into TV debates for the sake of entertainment. Owen has not played up to this but has instead sensibly made arguments that the public can understand and relate to.The more we have of people like Owen discussing politics on TV, the better off and more constructive political discourse in this country will be.”

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