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Loughborough’s pluralist political discussion forum and activists’ network.

Dear Friday Room

Venue Poll

We would like to hear your view about meeting venues. Our next meeting this Friday ( is at Unity House. This is the old Labour Club. As a pluralist organisation we would like hear your view on this venue. Does it make you feel unable to take part? Do you think it could undermine the groups claim to be pluralist and unaligned to any one political group? Could you please express your opinion by clicking the poll button below and leave any comments too. Thanks for your help.

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2 Responses to The Friday Room – News

  1. Paul Chaplin says:

    The poll and Facebook links also don’t work for me on this page, but they do in the email I received. I’ve included the links below.

    I’ve also left a comment on the poll (along with one other person):

  2. Paul Chaplin says:

    …It looks like WordPress automatically turns a link to the poll results in comments into a poll widget. Click “View Results” and then “Comments” to see the comments I was referring to.

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