Political Films

The DEPARTMENT OF POLITICS, HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS are showing a further season of films which have a significant political or historical dimension, but are above all acknowledged masterpieces marked by dozens of international awards. There is no thematic thread to this particular set of movies, but The Carpenter’s Pencil and The Butterfly’s Tongue both deal in very different ways with problems associated with the Spanish Civil War. There is a single documentary, The Corporation, which is both entertaining and informative. Downfall, a compelling drama covering the last days of the Nazi dictatorship, and The Wedding Banquet, a romantic comedy with a political background, are arguably the best known in the set, but they are matched in quality by the Argentinian thriller, The Secret in their Eyes, the French Canadian satire, Jesus of Montreal, and the gripping dramatization of the real-life scandal of the trial and execution of Sacco and Vanzetti, are equally impressive and thought-provoking films.

All are welcome – FREE ENTRY Mondays, 7pm Schofield Building, A201 Map





February 20

The Carpenter’s Pencil

Antón Reixa


February 27


Oliver Hirschbiegel


March 5

The Wedding Banquet

Ang Lee


March 12

The Butterfly’s Tongue

José Luis Cuerda






April 16

The Corporation

Mark Achbar & Jennifer Abbott


April 23

Jesus of Montreal

Denis Arcand


April 30

The Secret in their Eyes

Juan José Campanella


May 7

Sacco and Vanzetti

Giuliano Montaldo


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