The Rise and Fall of the Yorkshire Luddites

We have not organised a discussion meeting for Friday the 25th May. Instead we are keeping the evening free to allow people to attend this exciting performance by the Mikron Theatre company.  This is the Swan in the Rushes at 7:30. Prior to this, Friday Room members are invited to an informal planning meeting at 6pm in the Swan.

Can You Keep A Secret?

The Rise & Fall of the Yorkshire Luddites.

Riots in our city streets, the worst economic crisis for decades, a long war fought abroad with no sign of progress.

Sound familiar? Welcome to England 1812. Whilst the country’s elite enjoy lavish balls and chattering salons, textile mill workers fight for their livelihoods by smashing up the machinery designed to replace them. Luddism – a fight for rights or fear of progress? Direct action or mindless vandalism?

In the back room of a Yorkshire pub, a young lad is ‘twisted in’. He takes the oath of secrecy and joins the Luddites. But why won’t he give his real name, calling himself instead after the movement’s mythical founder, Ned Ludd? What is he hiding? And who was Ned Ludd anyway?

In the bicentennial year of the Luddite risings, which took place around Marsden West Yorkshire, who better to illuminate their story than fellow Marsdeners, Mikron – with their unique blend of humour, history and harmonic arrangements!

A collection will be taken after the show.

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