Local activist seeks Compass Management Committee post

Geoff Gay, local Friday Room activist and former Labour Councillor is seeking selection for the Compass Management Committee. Compass is an ideas and action based pressure group with over 50,000 members and supporters around the country.

Compass is a national organisation which has very similar aims to the Friday Room. It is predominantly supported by progressives in the Labour Party including shadow cabinet member and policy review co-ordinator  John Crudas. Compass has a pluralist outlook and recently opened up full membership to members of other political parties. Caroline Lucas, Green Party leader is also as member. Its website states:

“We are committed to help build a Good Society; one in which there is far greater social, political and economic equality; where democracy is deepened at every level of the state, our workplaces and communities; where the sustainability of the planet is made an urgent priority and we recognise our interconnected fate across all nations; a society where the market is made to work as the servant of society

“As the planet gets hotter and the poor get poorer we’re campaigning collaboratively with progressive politicians of all parties, pressure groups, trade unions, think tanks, NGOs, academics, activists, campaigners and across civil society”.

Geoff’s election statement reads:

About seven years ago, I decided to join Compass because it was evidently the nearest thing we had to the light at the end of the tunnel. The policy positions being developed by Compass have a coherent, consistent social democratic direction : real-politic alternatives to the relentless

neo-liberalism which is broadly taken as read by the leaderships of all three large “mainstream” parties. In our diverse society, progress towards the alternative consensus requires a broad social and democratic alliance with a left political alliance at its core. The work of Compass should be informed by this analysis.

 For twelve years to 2011, my work as a Labour councillor in a ward with pockets of deprivation was central to my politics. I would now see membership of the Compass MC as central to broadening my political contribution. I would particularly like to encourage the development of Compass local groups.

Some Friday Room members have suggested it become a compass local group though this proposal has not been formally put to the membership.

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