Topics for the Autumn 2012 season

At the meeting this Friday 14th, after the discussion on housing development, there will be an opportunity for you to say on what topics you would like see in the programme of meetings this autumn.

Below is a list of topics already suggested. If you can’t come on Friday, please leave suggestions or support for particular topics in the comment box below.

  1. The report “Limits to Growth” was published 40 years ago and was one of the foundation stones of the Green movement. How has it stood up to the test of time?
  2. Discussion about pluralism with Green, Lib-Dem. and Labour spokespeople.
  3. On the one hand there are not enough jobs, on the other jobs are being lost to automation. Where is the joined up thinking? What is leisure for anyway?
  4. To invite Matthew O’Callaghan, prospective Labour Parliamentary candidate to answer questions.
  5. How much are positions of influence dominated by pupils from independent schools? Does it matter? and what can we do about it?
  6. The “left” tends to be divided because it sees many paths to making the world a better place, but disagrees about what they are. The “right” is united in following the single path of keeping power in the hands of the rich, for the benefit of the rich. What is the way forward? (Or is this an over-simplification?)
  7. Care for the Elderly ( see Jackie Ashley in 2/7 Guardian )
  8. The Democracy 2015 movement
  9. Europe
  10. Are genetically modified crops intrinsically bad?
  11. Is our obsession with technology undesirable?
  12. Global Warming and weather
  13. Discussion about “bad science” starting from book by Ben Goldacre
  14. A bona-fide scientific topic e.g. The Standard Model of Particle Physics
  15. Why we will not be visited by ET (although we may or may not make contact in the foreseeable future )
  16. Civil service reform
  17. Can state subsidisation of charitable giving be justified?
  18. Why should the majority of people suffer because of stupid things done to the economy over which they had no control?
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One Response to Topics for the Autumn 2012 season

  1. John Catt says:

    “Can state subsidisation of charitable giving be justified?”
    Surely this should read “Can the taxation of charitable giving be justified?”
    Depends on your perspective :-).

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