The future of the NHS in Leicester

Next Thursday evening could be an important one for the future of the NHS in Leicester and since our main hospitals are there, for Loughborough too. 38 Degrees members are getting together to decide what’s next in the campaign to protect local health services. Could you come along?

The details of the get-together are:

8pm on Thursday 18th October
The Aberdale Pub
111 Shackerdale Road
Knighton Fields

This large Everards pub is at the corner of Asquith Boulevard and Shackerdale Rd, just off Welford Rd. As well as helping to save the NHS, these get-togethers are a great chance to have a chat with other 38 Degrees members who live in Leicester.

If you can come next Thursday? Please click here to RSVP

Right now, local doctors in Leicester are forming a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). This new group will have power to decide what health services you and your neighbours are able to access and who provides them. The doctors on Leicester City CCG will be under pressure from the government to slash costs and hand out contracts to private companies. That could put vital services at risk.

Next Thursday evening’s meeting will be a chance to plan things we can do to ask doctors in Leicester to use their new powers to protect our NHS, not privatise it. If we work together, we can make sure they hear from hundreds of local people as they make these crucial decisions.

If you haven’t yet signed the petition to save NHS services in Leicester, or if you’d like to find out more about the campaign, click here:

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