Police and Crime

Do you know who these people are?

Of course you do! These are the people who have put themselves forward to represent the people of Leicestershire and Rutland as the new police and crime commissioner. Everyone is talking about the forthcoming election on, er,  let me check …. are they not?

Loughborough residents have a unique opportunity to ask these people why they think they understand policing better than trained professionals at an open meeting organised by Emmanuel Church. Or we could ask why just one person, with her or his own unique back story can better serve the purpose of scrutinising the police service or setting strategic priorities than can the 17 diverse members of the Leicestershire Police Authority which they will replace? I’m sure a retired Air Chief Marshall for example, will know a good police helicopter (quiet ones please) when he sees one. Perhaps no better way of detecting domestic abuse or tax evasion is known?

But let’s not be cynical; who are we to challenge why power is consistently concentrated in the hands of the few. We will no doubt all diligently turn out on November 15th. I suspect many will however fall at the first hurdle – you are allowed to state two preferences on the ballot paper since the supplementary voting system is to be used. I hope therefore a special effort is made to explain how this works to the 2/3 of Labour members and 99% of Tories who argued that anything other than first-past-the-post was too difficult for the British to understand.

The meeting is on Monday the 29th October, 2012 at 7:30 pm at the Emmanuel Church, Forest Road, Loughborough. A poster is attached (121029 Police Commissioner hustings).

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One Response to Police and Crime

  1. Note that the venue of this meeting has been corrected to read Emmanuel Church, Forest Road, not Frederick Street

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