Global Warming: Where are we heading?

abc Tuesday 11th December 7 – 9pm


John Storer House, Ward’s End, Loughborough

Richard Giles

 University Teacher, Department of Physics,

Loughborough University

 Many senior scientists have warned of serious dangers if the global average surface temperature is allowed to rise by more than 2-degrees centigrade above the value that it had during pre-industrial times.  Yet some experts believe that it will already be challenging to limit global warming to 4-degrees, a temperature that they believe is beyond adaptation and incompatible with an organised global community.  This talk will provide an overview of climate science, the impacts and some proposed solutions.

Future meeting dates include:

The AGM is planned for Tuesday 15th January 2013, starting at 7pm. Future meeting dates in 2013 will be 12th February and 12th March, all starting 7pm at John Storer House. Topics are to be confirmed.

Regular ABC meetings are normally on the second Tuesday of the month.  If you have an idea for a topic and a speaker, please email the Chair, Tony Stott on

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