Reigning in the Monarchy

RichieFriday 11th January, 7:00 pm for 7:30, upstairs at the Organ Grinder, Woodgate, Loughborough.

To be introduced by Ken Ritchie, an activist in the organisation “Republic” which takes the view that actually abolishing the monarchy is not on the immediate agenda.

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One Response to Reigning in the Monarchy

  1. Thanks Ken, an excellent meeting.
    You suggested what I think amounts to an official post of “Advisor to the Monarch”. What about starting with the post of Advisor to Prince Charles? In effect we (the people) will be saying that we are not very happy about his private correspondence to government ministers and, short of making it fully public, we want it overseen by our representative.
    If and when he succeeds to the throne, the post can be be continued with a change of title.

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