Unlock Democracy Leicestershire Public Meeting – “Politicians: Only in it for themselves!”

unlock democracy logoUnlock Democracy Leicestershire have organised a public meeting on March 7 (full details including venue map on their website here).

The campaign writes “Every year we hear new stories about politicians cheating the system, claiming expenses, selling influence… it makes people ask, are these politicians just in it for themselves?

“But perhaps we’re being cynical… perhaps the misbehaviour is committed by a minority within a largely hardworking profession? Some local MPs have agreed to discuss this issue with the public.”

The open meeting features:
” Jon Ashworth MP
” Andrew Bridgen MP
” Professor Steven Fielding
” Roger Helmer MEP
Chaired by Alexandra Runswick from Unlock Democracy

Tea and biscuits are available. To get involved in Unlock Democracy Leicestershire and  help shape the campaign for democracy in Leicestershire the group meets the first Saturday of every month in Leicester’s Secular Hall.

Posted on behalf of Geoff Gay, member of Unlock Democracy Leiestershire.

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