Truth and lies about poverty

truthandlies-large-1024x808Friday 22nd March , 7:00 pm for 7:30, Unity House, Fennel Street Loughborough.

Discussion to be introduced by Daphne Beale

Do we live with the comfortable assurance that people are poor because they are lazy, are on drugs or can’t manage their money? Do we believe that those on benefits have an easy life and that many of them are on the fiddle? Do we believe that the benefit system created the deficit?

Do we have the facts to counter such assumptions? What do we do to change the culture of ‘workers or shirkers’ and to challenge the lies we hear about poverty? Does ‘The Spirit of 45’ have anything to teach us about bringing people together? Come and discuss the issues on Friday 22 March.

The report on truth and lies about poverty, ‘The lies we tell ourselves’, can be found at and details of the Ken Loach film can be found at ‘The Spirit of 45′

Daphne is active in the Joint Public Issues Team, which is a venture of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church. “We help our three churches work together on issues of justice and inequality.”

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