Social Security for All

ruthlisterEveryone loves a story, but the story of our welfare state is on course to be a tragedy unless we work together to re-write the ending.

To do this we need a strong vision, a viable alternative to cuts, constructive discussion and immediate action. To make this happen we’ve consulted anti-cuts groups, social justice organisations, charities and Compass members to produce this briefing, Social Security for all.

Today we’re asking you to share this briefing with everyone you know, especially those that are actively defending our social security system and feeling the pain of the cuts. You can use our handy tool to share this briefing via email, Twitter and Facebook – click here to share

This briefing is designed to help activists respond to the Government’s systematic attack on our social security system by providing guidance on how to re-frame the debate. While it includes concrete facts and figures, it also suggests ways to change the narrative, tell personal stories and have meaningful conversations about what an adequate level of social security for all looks and feels like.

At a time when more and more of us feel anxious and insecure, a strong system of social protection is absolutely essential. So please take action today to help re- write the ending of the story of our welfare state.

For more info on ways to get involved Compass’ work on social security, click here.

All the best,

Ruth Lister, Chair of Compass Management Committee

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