Painful Choices? Nation States and European Integration

This is a Loughborough University public ‘inaugral’ lecture which may be of interest to Friday Room members. It is to be held on Wednesday 29 May, 2013 at 5pm, Lecture Theatre SMB.0.14 (Stewart Mason Building). See the link at the bottom to book a place

The speaker is Professor Lee Miles, Department of Politics, History and International Relations. 2013 represents the 40th anniversary since Britain, Denmark and Ireland have been members of the European Union (EU).

In many respects, the governments of all three countries have often been criticised for lacking coherence in their approaches towards handling the challenges of participating in European integration, and in pursuing wider foreign policy objectives.

Have governments been confronted by almost continual ‘painful choices’? Do broader concepts like ‘painful choice’ help us to understand why European integration continues to remain challenging for governments more generally?

In this lecture, Professor Miles draws on his extensive research on the Nordic Countries, and combines Prospect Theory – taken from the realms of Foreign Policy Analysis (FPA) – to explain why the governments and elites of nation states are often resistant to approaching important decisions about their future and often complex relationships with the evolving European Union (EU).

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