Friday 28 June, 7:00 pm for 7:30, Unity House, Fennel Street Loughborough. (Apologies for the late posting)

Discussion to be introduced by Daphne Beale

‘Interculturalism – the new era of cohesion and diversity’ by Ted Cantle is the book on which we will base our discussion on Friday 28 June.

Ted Cantle argues that:
Globalisation and the increase in internet connections has changed people’s attitudes to their identity and geographical allegiance.

Divisions are beginning to break down, eg between worker and employer and between ethnic groups as intermarriage becomes more possible. Faith groups cross ethnic boundaries and can no longer be seen as homogenous.

Multiculturalism was a concept formed at a time when there was need to protect people from discrimination but it tended to reinforce differences in an attempt to protect the heritage of those entering Britain. It was mainly designed to deal with racial issues but is now outdated.

Community Cohesion policies came in later to overcome the segregation that was forming and also to tackle other divisions in local communities, eg disability.

Interculturalism is the way forward. This can acknowledge our multiple identities and give everyone the chance to play a full part in our society, celebrating our differing cultures and working together for the good of the whole.

How we respond to this will form our discussion.

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