A New Season for the Friday Room

image00110We have some dates for your diary for the new Friday Room season of topical discussions and debate:
20 Sept., 4  Oct., 18 Oct., 1  Nov., 15 Nov. and the 29 Nov.

There my also be an event in December, but our normal venue will not be available on 13th.

The topic for the first meeting on 20th September will be Syria – an email will be sent to you shortly with all the details.

We have not settled on topics for the rest of the season. A few of us met recently to think about some subjects and there were plenty of ideas (see below), but firstly we would like to give an opportunity to all Friday Room members to make suggestions and comments! Please add your suggestions and ideas to the comments box below, or if you are reading this in an email click here.

Some specific ideas, or themes on which to base topics are:

  • Pluralism and the Compass Open Tribe interviews
  • Deliberative democracy
  • Fourth wave of feminism
  • Premature sexualisation of children based on an NSPCC report
  • UK Energy policy
  • The vocabulary of politics
  • All the political isms (conservatism, marxism, liberalism, socialism, ecologism, anarchism)
  • Left Unity – what will a new party on the left mean

The next planning meeting will be Monday 16 the September in the Swan in
the Rushes at 8:00 pm.  This is open to any Friday Roomers interested in
setting up this exciting programme.

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2 Responses to A New Season for the Friday Room

  1. Evo Kerslake says:

    Hey John and everyone! thanks for this – not sure if you wanted my two penn’orth here as well as in the pub, but here goes! We’ve talked about how to challenge coalition austerity politics and there’s some good stuff being published – see this example at New Economics Foundation: bit.ly/18bLPhx. I’d like to see a meeting on this. Any comments?

    • Absolutely agree on this. THe NEF article is an example of something we’ve discussed recently about developing a new narrative. This is so important in the discussion about austerity. The ideas that the financial crisis was solely ‘Labour’s fault’ is just ludicrous as highlighted by Darling on Radio 4 this morning. this narrative in particular is so dangerous because it lets the economic system and issues of equality off the hook.

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