Leicester, A One Party State?


Open meeting

Monday, October 14, 2013 – 8:00 pm
The Parcel Yard,
48a London Road,
Le2 0QB

In Leicester 52/54 Councillors are from one party, making it impossible for a viable opposition to form.

Does this reflect the views of the people of Leicester?

Are we being failed by local democracy?

Unlock Democracy Leicestershire are asking whether we need to change the voting system for local elections – come along and have your say!

For more information and location map click here

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2 Responses to Leicester, A One Party State?

  1. Dave Neville says:

    I have not commented on Friday Room posts before but thought I would share some experience. In the 1970s I was one of what was a small band of people in the Labour Party fighting corruption in local politics in the North East of England. Not a pleasant experience as we were vilified by former colleagues but eventually we were proved to have been correct. There were many reasons why this occurred but significant was the overwhelming one party (Labour) presence on many councils notably Blyth Valley where I lived and Durham County Council. I believe Durham only had one or two non Labour Party councillors. The leader could do what he wanted until eventually he was prosecuted and jailed.
    Although we may celebrate when our own party wins most of the seats, we need to be aware of the dangers in not having an effective opposition.

    • I agree Dave, politics only works if there is opposition. In addition it is also wrong if elected bodies do not, as far as possible reflect the diversity of views in the electorate. We should start with local Governnment by introducing an agreed form of PR.

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