Generating Electricity from the Sun – Is this feasible in the UK?

On Wednesday the 9th October the University will kick off the academic year’s inaugural lectures for recently appointed profs in various schools. This one promises to be interesting in the light of intense political debate over the UK’s energy transition (or continued carbon lock-in depending on your perspective). The Friday Room is discussing the UK energy system on the 15th November.

Professor Ralph Gottschalg

This lecture, by Professor Ralph Gottschalg, School of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering will focus on photovoltaics, commonly known as ‘solar panels’, which generate electricity from sunlight. There has been a significant increase in the deployment of photovoltaics in the UK which many will have noticed on domestic roofs, but also on factories and more controversially farmers’ fields.

In this lecture, Professor Gottschalg will look at the reasons for this increase as well as what may be the stopping further deployment. Gottschalg claims “in the right framework, these PV systems could provide a significant contribution to the national energy usage”.

The lecture is on Wednesday 9 October, 2013 at 5pm, Lecture Theatre T.0.03 (Wolfson Building). It is open to the public but please book here.

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