Engaging News? Journalists, news sources and their elusive audiences

Loughborough University invites the public to attend its ‘Inaugural Lectures’. This one is given by Professor David Deacon from the Department of Social Sciences, at 5pm on Wednesday December 11th in lecture theatre SMB014, Stewart Mason Building.

IProfessor David Deacon


Wednesday 11 December, 2013 at 5pm, Lecture Theatre SMB.0.14 (Stewart Mason Building)

Engaging News? Journalists, news sources and their elusive audiences

Professor David Deacon, Department of Social Sciences

There is a deliberate ambiguity in the first part of the title of this Lecture. It could refer to the complex ways citizens use journalistic output to navigate their social, cultural and political worlds. It could also refer to the news management strategies developed by different public and private organisations to promote their private interests and public repute.

Both dimensions will be considered by Professor Deacon, drawing on evidence and insights from his research conducted over the last twenty five years into news reception and production.

The topics discussed will include news reporting of elections, social science, quasi-government, tax reform, charity and war.  In a contemporary environment that is said to have been transformed by new digital technologies delivering unprecedented freedom to the cultural consumer, Professor Deacon will consider the relevance of distinguishing news production and its reception.

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