Democratising the Media

DemMediaFriday 21st February, 7:30 pm, Unity House, Fennel Street Loughborough

The British Press is overwhelmingly right wing: the combined circulation of the Sun, Mail, Express, Telegraph and Times is around 5.5 million.
The only “popular” paper leaning a bit leftwards is the Mirror, with around 1 million circulation, while the left-leaning “qualities”, the Guardian, Independent and “i” manage only 560,000 between them  ( of which the bulk is “i” which is very cheap ). And Benefits Street ( described by Owen Jones as “TV at its worst” ) demonises people on benefits in Channel Four’s stampede for ratings.
Geoff will argue for, at the very least, a law which limits ownership by any one individual or private organisation to one national newspaper, but, ideally for a world in which the media is owned by democratically-run organisations.

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