“Economics is for all of us”: free workshop in Leicester, Saturday 17th May

Jubilee Debt are holding a free day-long workshop with topics including the debt crisis, global austerity, basic economics jargon, and communication. Registration details:

The workshop is free, but please sign up by emailing Sally on sruane1@btinternet.com or calling on 0116 2703053.

When: Saturday 17 May 2014, 10:00–17:00
Where: St Thomas More Parish Centre, 75 Knighton Road, Leicester, LE2 3HN

Further details (N.B. take a packed lunch to share):

Economics is for all of us

Economics is complex and best left to the experts? Right? Wrong. The economy affects all of us. We can all get our heads around it.

This day long workshop is designed for people who are interested in social justice, but feel intimidated when ‘economics’ comes up in a conversation.

It will give you a tour through the history of the debt crisis and the global austerity programme. It’ll cover some basic economic concepts and jargon, explain the UK’s debt and deficit and ask whether the UK really has a debt crisis. It’ll also include some practical communication session, helping you to feel more confident busting economic myths and promoting a fairer economy.

This is a fun, participative, training that will make you feel more confident to win arguments for a fairer economic system, whether you need it to run a big campaign, or to get your point across at the next family gathering!

Please bring some food to share for lunch, and we’ll eat together.

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