Theatre! Two shows in Loughborough

Micron theatre Presents:

Till the Cows Come Home

Wed 25th June 7:30

Swan in the Rushes, 21 The Rushes, Loughborough

Harvey Granelli is fed up working for Thistledale Council. He followed his miserable mother into local government, but he has more in common with his Italian father – part-time playboy and one-time ice-cream maker, Romeo.

Inspired by a dream of his long dead dad, Harvey finally finds the courage to follow his heart. But when he whips up a gelato from Papa Granelli’s recipe book it just doesn’t taste the same. Times have changed; the way our food is produced has changed.

Harvey now has a choice. He can make an inferior product, or he can source the very best ingredients and make the finest ice-cream in the world. His quest will take him to the corners of the earth – from Thistledale to Tuscany: from Bridlington to Brazil.

But can Harvey really recreate a taste from the past? Will he return in time to prevent his faithful girlfriend Maud surrendering to the charms of another man? And why is he being followed?

Join Mikron this season for a farm-fresh, full-fat, fair-trade fable about the nation’s favourite food!

Banner Theatre


Saturday July 5th, starting 8.30pm at Emmanuel Church Hall, Forest Road, Loughborough, Leics. LE11 3NW

Combines video footage, songs, music and storytelling to follow the brilliant campaign fought by parents and teachers against the imposition of forced academy status on Downhills Primary School in Haringey, and asks the big questions about what kind of education system we want: one that teaches children and young people to think and question the world they live in, or one that subjugates their needs to the requirements of big business.

The venue is close to Loughborough town centre and there is parking space at the site. Refreshments will be available. Tickets : £5 or £3 concessions from Ray Sutton on 07580 952761 or by email to

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One Response to Theatre! Two shows in Loughborough

  1. Banner Theatre’s performance of “Lies, Dammed lies and Academies” was laid on by Left Unity as part of its efforts to “do politics differently”. An aspiration I support. Thank you Ray.
    It was a full on, rousing, angry protest at the dictatorial and undemocratic manner in which academic status was forced upon Downhills Primary School in Peckham. The video content of the show gave an inside view of progress of the protest.
    This story contributes to the general stink about the academisation programme. It is not he change to academy status itself, which is not necessarily bad; nor the chains, which will have benefited some schools. Rather the stink is the threat, undeclared but very likely, that academisation is just a step towards putting for-profit companies in control of the education of our children; This is entirely bad.
    How do we oppose this? An important line of action must be to change the minds of as many voters as possible who might vote Tory. To do this, the case needs to be presented in terms and language that communicates with them.
    I had slight misgivings about the performance on this score. If there was any body in the audience who might vote Tory, did it change their mind? or did they walk out?
    OK, if it was just preaching to converted, then it certainly did that! (although at a price)

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