Ray Sutton lectures

Not Fade Away

A social history of the 1960s
Thursday afternoon lectures
by Dr Ray Sutton MA PhD
11 Sept The Profumo Scandal and Lady Chatterley Trial
18 Sept The Dark Side of the Age of Aquarius 
25 Sept HI-DI-HI: Holiday Camp culture in the 1950s and 60s
2  Oct  Days of Vision: British TV, Film and Drama
9  Oct  Joe Orton a 1960s Leicester Playwright
16 Oct  Vietnam Civil Rights and Black Power
23 Oct  Art and Society in the 1960s
30 Oct  Comrade Rockstar: the life and strange death of Dean Read
16 Nov  Revolution in the Mind: Pop groups of the 1960s
13 Nov  Alexander Dubcek and the Prague Spring
20 Nov  Paris: the Student Revolt May 1968
27 Nov  The New Left and Trade Union militancy. In Britain
4  Dec  Che Guevara and new theories of Revolution
11 Dec  Fashion and Style In the 1960s 
Unity House, Fennel Street,
Thursday afternoons 2pm-3.30
Admission £3 per lecture attended,
tea/coffee 50p served during a short break

The History of Art

A series of lectures in Autumn 2014
by Dr Ray Sutton MA PhD
11 Sept The Apocalyptic Vision of John Martin
18 Sept David and the pursuit of evolutionary virtue
25 Sept The artistic discovery of Wales
2 Oct   The mystery of the Arnolfini Portrait
9 Oct   Botticelli's Primavera and the Birth of Venus
16 Oct  Victorian Fairy Paintings
23 Oct  Irish Art 1830-1990
30 Oct  Adolph Valette: a French Impressionist in Manchester 
6 Nov   Mikail Larionov and Russian Art
13 Nov  The artistic discovery of Scotland 20 Nov Fly Now: a history of airline posters 
27 Nov  The art of Sir John Everett Millais
4 Dec   Samuel Palmer: a visionary poetic painter
11 Dec  Art and propaganda in the Third Reich
18 Dec  Altdorfer and Baldung Grien: 16th century painters

Quorn Village Hail,
Leicester Road
(car park at rear)
Thursday mornings
Admission £3 per lecture attended,
tea/coffee 50p served during a short break.
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