Scotland Independence debates

Should Scotland be independent?

Leicester Secular Society,

Sunday 7th September, 6.30pm, Secular Hall

‘Yes’ and ‘No’ supporters argue it out. Audience members will participate and a (non-Binding!) vote will be taken.

After the Scottish Referendum: what now for the UK?

Leicester Unlock Democracy

Monday 22 Sept, 7,30pm The Ale Wagon, Rutland Street, Leicester

The result of the Scottish referendum is binding, so that if Scotland votes Yes for independence, they will become independent some time in 2016: “Devo Max” is not an option in the referendum, but if the vote is No, this would still be an option to be considered, especially as all three of the major parliamentary parties are committed to extending Scottish devolution. But, whatever the result in Scotland, where does that leave the rest of the UK?

Related to the so-called “West Lothian Question”, England has a democratic deficit: Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have measures of devolution but the English regions do not. Should the UK have a federal system, with a measure of devolution to the English regions? Would Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly constitute a separate region, or would they be included in a South-West region? How would the regional boundaries be decided?

To be introduced by Dr Ray Sutton

After the Referendum

Loughborough Left Unity

Thursday 25th Sept, 8.00pm, John Storer House

No official title yet, but we will be looking mainly at Devolution for England in the light of the result of the Scottish Referendum.

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