Challenges to the NHS

NHS_DavidGFriday 24 Oct, 7:30pm, Unity House, Fennel Street, Loughborough

Discussion to be introduced by David Girdler.

The NHS may have been rated the best in the world [1], but it faces major challenges. These have not been helped by recent top-down reorganisation, which the Tories now admit was “their worst mistake”. [2]

Some of the increased use of commercial services and privatisation has turned out badly, but are they always a bad thing?

The challenges remain:
What is to be done about patient waiting times? Mental health services? Care of the elderly? Recruitment of staff at all levels? Care after hospital discharge? Illness screening? Healthy living? The application of new materials and new surgical methods?

David will base his introduction on:
Christine Montross -/Failing into the Fire – Encounters with the mind
crisis /
Micheal J. Sandel – /What money can’t buy – the moral limits of markets/
Roger Taylor – /God bless the NHS – The Truth behind the current crisis/

Too many to list.
But, see the /Times /October 13th 2014.
/Private Eye /is useful to understand how NHS policies actually work.

EPPM – /Revoltions in surgery and new materials /- September 2014
TCT – /Changing the game in healthcare/ – September 2014
Engineering materials -/3D printing of biological organs/ – Autumn 2014.

[1] The Guardian: NHS comes top in health care survey

A survey produced by the Commonwealth Fund, a Washington-based foundation which is respected around the world for its analysis of the performance of different countries’ health systems,  finds the NHS the best in the world.
[2] International Business Times: Tories admit NHS reforms were ‘huge
error’ which David Cameron didn’t even understand
The Times: NHS reforms our worst mistake, Tories admit

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