Events of interest

Loughborough IS a Town of Sanctuary

Thursday November 27th 2014
6 for 6:30pm
Unity House 21 Fennel Street Loughborough LE11 1UQ

Refreshments provided from 6pm.

The purpose of the City of Sanctuary movement is to build a culture of
hospitality across the UK, by mobilising the goodwill and understanding of
individuals and organisations to make our cities and towns more welcoming,
so that people seeking sanctuary will feel safe and will find people who
welcome and include them.

The Loughborough Town of Sanctuary group will play its part in welcoming
asylum seekers who come to register with UKBA by offering to meet them and
taking them for a hot drink after they register. In this meeting Colleen
Molloy, Regional Development Officer for City of Sanctuary, will provide
further insight into the role we will play in welcoming people who are
seeking sanctuary in Britain, the basic “Dos and Don’ts” of our welcome. It
is intended to start this welcome programme in the early part of December.

Two Films

Thursday December 18th 2014 and
Friday December 19th 2014

Unity House 21 Fennel Street Loughborough LE11 1UQ

Thursday: Ken Loach film “Big Flame”,
Friday “Made in Dagenham”.
Both nights will start at 7:30 with the film starting at 7:45 and with a discussion after. Refreshments will be available before and after the films. Entrance free.

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