Climate Change

StormFriday 16 Jan, 7:30pm, Unity House, Fennel Street, Loughborough

Discussion to be introduced by Geoff Gay, who recently went through a Future Learn course on this subject 

Geoff will explain the results of anthropogenic climate change on water, food, homes, and sea level rise resulting in large scale flooding of low-lying and flood plain land – with particular reference to the dangers for mega cities in less developed parts of the world.

Since the early 20th Century, the average global air and sea surface temperature has increased by about one degree C, and most of this increase has occurred since 1980. Even with the most stringent mitigation measures, the best estimate for the remainder of the 21st century is a further 1 degree C increase. But, unfortunately, vested interests are making stringent mitigation very difficult to enforce. Without these measures, the best estimate for the 21st century is a further 3 or 4 degrees. Some people are claiming that warming has almost stopped in the UK, but this is simply not true. 2014 was the warmest year on record for the UK and 8 of our warmest 10 years on record have occurred since 2002. And we are getting wetter with widespread flooding.

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One Response to Climate Change

  1. Paul says:

    Unfortunately an increase of 2 degrees is widely understood to be a “tipping point”. The point at which the change becomes irreversible and all sorts of escalating nasties kick in.

    I recommend the reading of Naomi Klein’s latest book “This changes everything”.

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