Discussion with the progressive Parliamentary candidates

AboveFriday 27th Mar, 7:30pm, Unity House, Fennel Street, Loughborough

Matthew O’Callaghan – Labour  Matt Sisson – Green Party and Steve Coltman – Lib Dems will answer questions

There is a widespread disillusion with politics based on a perception that it is dominated by Westminster-based career politicians. This is not helped by our first-past-the-post voting system.

We have a government which is determined to sell off as much as possible of what were public assets. In particular, housing is seen as an investment opportunity rather than a public service. Via a secret deal being negotiated known as TTIP, the government are effectively offering our public services, including our beloved NHS, for sale to multinational corporations and companies with a poor service record, owned by Tory donors.

This Government is by the wealthiest 1%  for the benefit of this 1%.

There is a general state of denial about climate change and limits to growth. There could be a decent life for all, but only by moving away from the economics of maximising consumption and inequality.

The above candidates will discuss the alternatives, particularly on issues like Trident (nuclear weapons ), accountability to the electorate, education, the NHS, the environment and climate change, and tactical voting.

(The Friday Room is an independent discussion group with no links to the owners of Unity House and does not support any particular Party)

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