Vote Swap

Ruth Allen brings this cunning scheme to our attention:

How it works

The idea is simple. We want to let Green and Labour supporters swap votes in ways that boost both of their parties and gives the best possible chance of stopping the Conservatives from winning the election.

Only some Labour and Green supporters live in seats where their vote is likely to make a difference to which MP will win in their constituency. In others everyone knows which party will win. First-past-the-post elections mean that votes only make a difference in a few battleground seats.

This is particularly tough for new parties. Even a significant share of the national vote does not translate into seats. And what’s worse, those who live in battleground seats face the dilemma of voting for the party they most want to support or casting the most effective vote against the big party they dislike the most.

In this close election, even the results in a few seats could make the difference between David Cameron continuing as prime minister or not. In many key battleground seats this gives Green voters a dilemma. Do they vote for the party they most support and help build its national vote – or vote in a way most likely to stop the Conservatives returning to government?

But what if a Green supporter in a Labour battleground swaps their vote with a Labour supporter in a safe seat? The Green supporter in a Labour battleground helps Labour win to keep out the Conservatives. The Labour supporter in a safe seat votes Green to boost the Green national vote share across the country. It’s win-win. This is where VoteSwap comes in.

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