Fairer voting and the Labour Party

Labour Campaign for Electoral ReformFriday 18th Sept, 7:30pm, Unity House, Fennel Street, Loughborough

Discussion to be introduced by Ken Ritche, Voting reform campaigner and Labour Party member

With a political system dominated by two parties, we are unlikely to get electoral reform without the support of one of them. There seems little chance of a Conservative change of heart on the issue, but might Labour, particularly with a new leader and a re-energised membership, be prepared to back reform? And how is Labour to be convinced that a fairer voting system is in its long-term interests?

Please arrive in time for a prompt start to the discussion.

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2 Responses to Fairer voting and the Labour Party

  1. Shirley Siriwardena says:

    Friday Room should engage in discussing current national and international issues. At present most important issues are 1) Refugee Crisis. 2) Trade Union Bill. 3) Changes to Social Benefits affecting thousands of people. 4) Media Assault on New Labour Leadership and the Labour Party.

    I do not think at present Fairer Voting System is the burning issue for people.

    Thank you.

  2. Of course the issues you list are important for people. But fairer votes should be a big issue as well. The sudden awakening of support for Jeremy Corbyn is a dramatic demonstration of just how unrepresentative our democracy is.
    A huge number of people, who don’t want government by the rich for the benefit of the rich and reject the unquestioned need for austerity, The first-past-the-post system has left them with no effective voice.
    All the issues above are burning issues because of our dysfunctional democracy

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