No to the Trade Union Bill

Drop_the_TU_BillFriday 6th November, 7:30pm, Unity House, Fennel Street, Loughborough

Discussion to be introduced by Andrew Ross

According to Tory ministers, measures in the TU Bill now going through parliament which include a 50 per cent threshold in strike ballots, controls over ‘facility time’ for union reps, a crackdown on picketing, allowing firms to hire agency staff during disputes and stopping union subs being taken directly from wages under the check-off system are ‘sensible and fair reforms’.

Yet Unite general secretary Len McCluskey says he hasn’t met a single chief executive of a leading firm who wants a fresh crackdown on unions, while even organisations representing employers and recruitment agencies have raised concerns about the consequences of the Bill.

Major campaigns are now being drawn up against the Bill, which will include legal, political and industrial challenges.

A joint Unite Community – Friday Room meeting.

All welcome.

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