Where now for the Environment Movement? Public Lecture with Jonathon Porrit

Jonathon Porritt is speaking at Loughborough University on the 19 Nov, 7pm as part of the Critical Politics for Global Challenges Public Lecture Series. According to the University website:

Humankind faces three major global challenges: environmental crisis, especially climate change; mounting insecurity and the politics of fear; and an unstable, unequal, yet interdependent world economy. Each of these has political causes and possible solutions. Each has demonstrated potential to cause local, regional and global conflict. Each has inspired political dissent, tested established institutions, and challenged dominant conceptions of politics, democracy and citizenship. Each is becoming more acute as the twenty-first century unfolds. Yet each may require radical reform of structures of governance in order to be resolved.

This series of public lectures by speakers from outside academe – campaigners, journalists, researchers, politicians and others – will bring to bear their particular expertise on different aspects of these issues. Talks will be followed by time for questions, contributions and discussion”

For details and how to book your free place, visit http://www.lboro.ac.uk/…/even…/jonathon-porritt-lecture.html

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