Sonja’s event at the New Walks Museum

On  8th October, Sonja Grossner is featuring at New Walk museum, Leicester as part of Everybody’s Reading festival.

Sonja writes: “…. with the play and poems about my book as well as other things, music, workshops, poems. Lots happening.  The play is about the first part of my book, ‘ The Troubles to Greet Beauty’. For me will be quite emotional. Hope you can come. Play is on at 11, 12, 2.30 and 3.30. I have a slot at 11.15 right after the play and will most probably be playing my violin, gypsy tunes and Bartok duets.

Everybody’s Reading is a festival of all things reading, taking place across Leicester city in schools, libraries and venues, ranging from bars, cafes, pubs, and coffee shops.

Everybody’s Reading is dedicated to encouraging every person in Leicester to hear spoken word artists, poets, authors and community writers in their local community venues and offers funding to help make this happen. With a large variety of genres catered to, it is guaranteed there is something for everyone to enjoy from anywhere in the city.

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