What defines the LibDems?

Friday 7th April, 7:30pm, Unity House, Fennel Street, Loughborough

To be introduced by David Walker

David says:

Politically I was a Labour supporter until 1981 when the Labour party lost its way and the Social Democrat party showed that Labour was no longer a party that they could support. Roy Jenkins and Shirley Williams articulated a form of Democratic Socialism that made sense, and I was a founder member, and supported the move to join with the Liberals. Defining issues for me were the hard left’s rejection of the European Union and infiltration of Trotskyists under the leadership of Tony Benn. This does ring bells now and explains why so many Labour members are joining the Lib Dems. I have been leader of the Lib Dem Group on Charnwood Borough Council, and am leader of the local party.

I supported and argued the case for a policy clause at the recent Lib Dem
Conference that would withdraw state funding from all schools that were
not subject to democratic control

Liberal Democrats support the Social Market Economy within the framework of a representative democracy.

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