An Anarchist View on Brexit

Friday 3rd November, 7:15 for a 7:30pm start, Unity House, Fennel Street, Loughborough

The ongoing Brexit saga is never out of the news. Understandably so, as many people face a level of uncertainty – whether economic, political or based on the simple right to remain or move freely. At the same time, there has been a rise in nationalist and populist politics here in the UK and abroad. At this meeting, a speaker from the Anarchist Federation will present an anarchist view of Brexit and its context within the current crisis of capitalism.

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2 Responses to An Anarchist View on Brexit

  1. av says:

    Do i have to be a member to attend and what time does this meeting finish?

    • No, just turn up. We aim to start promptly at 7:30pm and to finish at 9:00pm. There is a collection to pay for the room hire.
      If you are interested there is a Friday Room Facebook group.

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