Guidance for posting

Lets make our blog site the place for thoughtful discussion for the sort of topics that come up in meetings.

The way this (and I think all) blog sites are organised is that there are "Posts", which are articles which start a thread of discussion, and "comments" which follow a specific post.

Making comments is easy, just write what you want to say in the comment box. You will need to leave an email address but this is not published If you are new to blogs or are uncertain if your comment is suitable, send it to us by email.

If you want to make a Post one of the moderators needs to transfer your text onto the site.
The email address for the moderators is:

Please use this to send articles, ask questions or make comments not for publication

Currently the moderators are:

  • Philip Leicester
  • John Greenwood
  • Evelyn Kerslake
  • Geoff Gay

This blog is moderated to avoid problems with spam and Trolls.

The moderators would welcome some sort of endorsement from the FR public, after all we don’t want people to think we are just a self-appointed clique. However, it is difficulty to see how this can be done formally, like by an election, because the Friday Room is an informal gathering with no defined membership; it is not constituted as a "club".

But hey this is blog! What do you think? Lets start making some comments!


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