Promoting acceptable wisdom

What we are trying to do is to identify nuggets of wisdom that we would like to become widely accepted. As far as possible I think these should be self-contained and disassociated from each other or any specific ideology or political opinion as possible.

The vocabulary used should be purged of all words that have political or ideological baggage and there should be no overt attack on any existing group. (Implicit criticism is another matter!)

We are addressing the “common man” who is by nature conservative in the non-political sense and just wants normality to be maintained. He is disillusioned about politics and distrustful of ideologies. He might well read the Daily Mail.

Ideas are usually judged more by where they come from rather than their intrinsic merit, so the aim is to write the nuggets in a style that does not identify them with any particular platform and promulgate them by linking them with similar ideas that might be in circulation without interest in a singular source.

Publication routes could include Wikipedia, YouTube ……?


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